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Available on Select Hydrophilic, Aspheric, and PMMA lens models

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Discover all the benefits of heparin for a new level of biocompatibility.

Benefits of Heparin Surface Modification

  • Heparin surface-modification (HSM) reduces postoperative inflammatory responses in the early postoperative period.*

  • HSM posterior intraocular lenses result in less cellular response observed one year after extra-capsular cataract extraction.*

  • HSM results in reduced foreign-body reaction as measured by specular micro-graphy and slit-lamp examination, especially in the early postoperative period.*

  • Patients who are diabetic or have glaucoma can definitely benefit from an HSM acrylic IOL compared to a non-HSM PMMA IOL, according to a multi-center study.*

  • HSM coating appears to be a valuable tool to decrease implant-associated bacterial endophthalmitis.*

*Statements taken from industry articles on file.