HQ Hydrophilic Lenses

HQ hydrophilic acrylic lenses are designed to be exceptionally stable and durable. All HQ lenses are processed with the P.U.R.E. System (Precision Unresolved Material Extraction), a unique molecular cleaning method that ensures enduring optical clarity and enhance compatibility.

HQ Hydrophilic Lenses “XO” = aspheric model, “HEP” = heparin model, “RM” = reduced mass model

HQ-201 HQ-201 XO HQ-201Y XO
Lens Material: Hydrophilic
Overall Diameter: 12.5mm
Optic Diameter: 6.0mm
Haptic Angulation:
A-Constant*: 118.2
AC-Depth*: 5.1
Refractive Index: 1.46
Haptic Material: Acrylic
Power Range: (in 0.5D increments) +4.0 to +34.0D / XO Models: +4.0 to 30.0D (HQ-204 RM & HQ-204Y RM: +13.0 to +30.0D)
*A-Constant and AC-Depth are estimated and not based on clinical data. **PolyVinylidene Fluoride.